Sunday, February 26, 2012

Monsters in my house…constantly read right…I have monsters everywhere in the house…sock monsters(who steal just one sock)…toilet roll monster (who eat all the toilet paper and leave the empty roll on the holder)….milk monsters(who out just a dribble of milk back in the fridge)….and the worst of all…the dreaded mess monsters (who wreck your house in the blink of an eye)

So I did a layout about one of them using a WOW title piece and cog frame



So there you have it…do you have monsters in your house too??


Happy Weekend and Happy Scrapping

cheers Wendy x x x


Karen said...

Yes I have lots of Monsters in my house aswell, We have one that seems to be around alot but I have not been able to catch him... You might have heard of him he's name is 'Not Me' he he.
Love the LO and what a great pic and love the colours!

Lizzyc said...

oh yes i think i have the same kind here... and the one who takes all the biros near the phone and leaves the ones that don't work anymore.. the one who makes the sticky dots on the kitchen floor the afternoon i had just washed it... yep we all have em!! fabulous layout about one of yours!! love the chipboard title!