Monday, December 31, 2007

New Year's Eve

Reflecting on my achievements this year...well the major occurances mainly.

  • January brought the corneal transplant for Duncan
  • February we moved house
  • March saw Duncan and I getting married
  • April was dedicated to toilet training Charlie
  • May...must have been a quiet month
  • June..again a quiet month
  • July Angus turned 1 and I returned to work
  • August I turned 31
  • Sept Duncan turned 32
  • October Granny Smith, Chris and Eric visited
  • November i started my new job in NICU
  • Decmeber Granny Smith visited for Christmas

So as you can see there has been something significant in most months. So what does this new year hold for us??

My New Years Resolutions change from time to time. But here is the most important ones

  • spend more QT with Duncan
  • spend more time doing family things
  • Lose weight (doesnt everyone want that?)
  • make a scrapping DT
  • learn lots more NICU care

So that's about me. I will add some scrapping LO's soon, just need the new month to start to get inspiration from challenges.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Chirstmas has been and gone for another year

Firstly ...apologies for not posting lately. I have been working heaps and yesterday worked a double shift as we had twins born and no-one to look after them in the NICU.......

Now on to Christmas 2007

All the excitement and anticipation is over for another year. We had a fabulous day and the kids had a ball. Everyone was spoilt rotten and especailly me.

DH bought me the most devine perfume (Lancome Miracle Forever) and some Lancome make-up, as well as a body shop gift pack.

I got Dh a bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue, his face says it all. He was so stoked, he was like a kid in a lolly shop.

Poor Charlie was a little unwell on Christmas day, he didnt wake up til quite late and then was very quiet.

Angus on the other hand could open his present quick enough. He was ripping into the paper and opening presents that weren't even his. He had a ball.

I think Granny Smith enjoyed herself too. Watching the little ones opening there presents is the best gift anyone could get.

All the grandkid got ride-on electric cars for their main pressies. You should have seen their faces, the had a great time riding around on Sues driveway.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Getting Festive

Oh yeah the season tis upon us. Last night the volunteer Fire Dept did there annual Lollie run, where they dress up as Santa and through lollies off the fire engine at all the kids lining there local streets.

Our local fire dept have very small strucks, but the boys were just as excited.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Today we had our Playgroup Christmas Party. We had a very special guest turn up to meet and treat the children...yes you guessed it...SANTA...this big fella!!!!!!!!!
He rocked up in a police car with sirens and all. The kids were so excited. Santa can to deliver presents to the children and to have photos with them if they wished. Charlie shook his hand and sat beside him for a photo. We have been trying for a week to get Charlie to have a photo with Santa. Finally I have dodgy as it may seem

Me and Santa

We had an awesome face painter too and I can't believe it but Charlie actually let her paint his face. This is a true revelation...I never thought he would do it. He had Batman done....he looks soooo cute. the kids loved it....there were fairies, butterflies, cats, dogs, tiger, lions, spiderman, monkeys, bumble bees, and of course Batman.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Congratulations to Susan!

Over the past few 9 weeks my sister and I have been in a Competition on Scrapboutique called "Passion 4 Fasion". Every week we had to do a LO based on a certain fashion style ranging from houte Couture to Country & Western to Grunge. It was a great comp and very inspiring.

Last night the overal winner was announced. My sister Susan came second and won a great Figgy Pudding paper pack.

This is my Final enterance for the 9 week challenge "Futuristic"

I have been trying to do a few more LOs as my photo collection seems to be growing and I know that Xmas is fast approaching which means one thing....More photos!!!

I tried taking my kids to Sit on Santa's knee today and......IT"S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. I have never seen them put on such a performance. I am going to try a few more times to get a shot, but I also dont want to scar them for life. So we'll see.......

I did this LO at Susan's last night at our weekly crop

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I Need To Scrap

I haven't scrapped in about 4 days and I am getting withdrawal symptoms. I have been busy at work and today went to donate blood and do a few things around town.

So tonite is the nite. I am scrapping no matter what. Cos tomorrow nite I have my xmas work function.

I got my order from Mystical Scrap books today and was very impressed. I am stoked that I have found this site. It is so friendly and the shop has great gear. I cant wait til DH lifts this shopping ban. There are so many great sales on pre-xmas online, and I am having to forfit them.

This is a recent Xmas Lo

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Another Day

Well this morning has started off a little unusual. I was meant to be at work right now, but I went in and they asked me to swap to an afternoon shift. This turned out really well for me actually as I can now go to playgroup with my children today, instead of forsing DH to attend (LOL).

I havent bee too productive in the scrapping arena of recent. I have managed to do one LO and an OTP for my kids day carer.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

What a Day!!!!!!!!!!

Gee Saturdays are always so busy. DH works on weekends so it is usually just me and the kids. Today, Granma offered to have Charlie for the morning, which I jumped at. Angus and I headed to HN to get some more xmas photos printed off. The line for Santa pics was out the door. So glad we weren't there for that.

I Only managed 1 LO today while the boys were asleep.

This is Granma and 2 of her Grandkids

Friday, December 7, 2007

Today's creations

On a Friday I attend a craft session where people do all sorts of crafts. Scrapbooking has become quite popular at these sessions.
Here are my two latest creations.

My gorgeous nephew is such a poser. Gotta love that!!!!

Summer Fun with water in a bucket. So simple yet entertains for ages!!!


Thursday, December 6, 2007

I finally did it!!!!

I have created a blog. Been meaning to do it for a while now, but never actually got around to it.

Thanks for all those people who have been bugging me to blog, it's worked!!!!

I am an avid scrapper, and love to create. This Blog will mostly be about the layouts (LO) that I create and a sharing session with those who want to see.

The above LO is one I did for a competition where you had to try out a new technique. I used napkins as chipboard overlays, with modpodge as the sealant.