Friday, December 31, 2010

Last post for 2010

New Year’s Eve always bring around memories and thoughts of happiness and sorrow for many people. I must admit that we have had a pretty great 2010, and I am happy with the majority of things we have managed to get up to this year. Hope that you all behave yourselves tonight and stay safe!

This week I have been playing along with the Savvy Cybercrop, and have managed to get 3 challenge layouts done so far.

Anthea’s challenge –scrap the highlight of your year


Sandra’s Challenge- Scrap what has change for you in 2010


Sara’s challenge- Scrap your favourite photo of 2010 (taken by Emma Allen)


Didn’t get around to doing Kerryn’s challenge of scrapping a photo from every month of 2010…cos I cannot print at home, and couldn’t get into town

Happy New Year to all my friends

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Anthea said...

gorgeous Wendy!! you have rocked the challenges!