Friday, November 14, 2008

Well I think it is a right off

...yep...our car that is.

On Wednesday, the boys and I were involved in a car accident. An elderly man pulled out of a car park and wanted to turn right across a 4 lane main road at 5.30pm at peak time. He decided he had waited long enough, and decided to pull out right in front of me, I could only break for like 5-10 metres before I ran right into his front right panel and drivers door.

Luckily he was ok. The police issued him with a Failure it Give Way fine, and we got away unscathed.

Since the accident , poor Charlie (DS3), has been traumatised with nightmares and nigth sweats. He also cannot hold a conversation without the accident being the main topic. The poor guys is very concerned about the 'broken' car, and is worried about us being 'hurt' even though we are all ok. I will post a picture of the car once I get a shot.

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Lisa J. said...

I still remember the first accident I was in with my mother driving as a child. It was such a low key accident (as a matter of fact it occured in a parking lot) but I was traumatized. I think some cudding and soothing will help immensely! Sorry this happened to yoU!