Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Motivation to scrap

It is such an individual thing I suppose. I would like to think that I wouldnt need motivation to scrap and that the need to scrap would over-ride any other feelings....This is the case to date.

I suppose what really inspires me to scrap is the memories of photos. I love the journalling aspect of scrapbooking. Even though at times it is hard to find the right words to put down on papers. I think that is my main point of inspiration...

I also loves the photos. I usually scrap my children and my neice, nephew and friend's children. I love doing kids, but I am getting more into scrapping about me. I think it is important for the future generations to know 'who is it that does all of this stuff?'. Must admit I dont scrap scenery, never really been anywhere worth scrapping.

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Terri B said...

I loved reading your blog Wendy! Gorgeous LO's & I am so going to have to try that green & pink combo.