Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Today we had our Playgroup Christmas Party. We had a very special guest turn up to meet and treat the children...yes you guessed it...SANTA...this big fella!!!!!!!!!
He rocked up in a police car with sirens and all. The kids were so excited. Santa can to deliver presents to the children and to have photos with them if they wished. Charlie shook his hand and sat beside him for a photo. We have been trying for a week to get Charlie to have a photo with Santa. Finally I have one..as dodgy as it may seem

Me and Santa

We had an awesome face painter too and I can't believe it but Charlie actually let her paint his face. This is a true revelation...I never thought he would do it. He had Batman done....he looks soooo cute. the kids loved it....there were fairies, butterflies, cats, dogs, tiger, lions, spiderman, monkeys, bumble bees, and of course Batman.

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