Sunday, April 24, 2011

who wants to take me up on an offer?

I want to do something a little different…sometimes I get a little bored of my photos and wish I had someone else’s to scrap.

So here is where you come into it. If you would like me to scrap a photo for you, this is what you will need to do.

1. Leave a message here telling me why I should scrap your photo

2. Tell me your favourite colours

3. Share something about yourself that not many people know

I will pick someone on the 30th April and announce here on the blog, so be sure to check back, because I will need to send you my address, so that you can send the photo to me!

HOW DOES THAT SOUND? Anyone interested?


Eve said...
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Eve said...

wendy i think this is a great idea
count me in ...
I think you should scrap me just for the fun of it ..
my fav colour is PINK
now for something about me ...i have a huge teddy bear collection that not many know about cause its all packed away in boxes as my home is rather small ...

Crystal Goulding said...

You should scrap my pic cause you're awesome! Haha

My favourite colour is blue.

Most people don't know I've never actually like art, in fact I used to wag art class in high school I hated it that much! Kind of funny considering how addicted to scrapping I am

Louise said...

Ooops I left you a message on Facebook LOL :)
Fab idea Wendy :)

LisaW said...

What a fab idea Wendy!! I'd love to have a Wendy original in my album. Maybe we can do a photo swap? My fav. colours are yellow, grey and white. Mwah, Lis.

Julie said...

Great idea Wendy I am always up for some scrapnapping.

My fav colour is purple but I so get stumped scrapping with it.

Rikki said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh pick me please. I can offer you a some beautiful baby girl photos. So pink, pink and more pink, is my favourite colour.

I really struggle with anything girly and I do mean stuggle to the point that it can take a week or more for me to do a page you should ask my friend they really think its painful.

Sam said...

Ohh Wendy this is an awesome idea!!
Please scrap me a page because......I am one of your biggest fans :)
My fav colour is black.
About me ....i love everything gothic! skulls , black, metal, tartan, spiderweb and lace the dark side.

Kel said...

I would love you to scrap a photo for me!! My fav colours are blue and yellow. I think you should scrap a page for me as I have two boys also and you do FAB boy pages.
Now something you prob dont know about me....The doctors think I was pregnant with triplets when I had a C section with my boys!!

KateB said...

very cute! You should scrap me cause honestly? it looks like we share the same love of layering, plus how many women of color do you see scrapping??

My favorite color when scrapping is actually black and anything non-whimsical.

Most people don't know that my 6 YO son is deaf (I do use ASL) but uses a cochlear implant.