Wednesday, March 19, 2014

ECHO PARK “That’s My Boy”

In my DT kit from Anna’s Craft Cupboard I received the fabulous NEW Echo Park paper range called “That’s My Boy”. I just love the primary colours that Echo Park use on their boy ranges, and this new range has them all. They are playful colours, and the designs are fun! Absolutely prefect for my boys, and will be for your too. In the shop, there are some terrific A Lil’ Somethin’ flairs that seem to co-ordinate perfectly with this range.

‘Best Day’ IMG_8417IMG_8418IMG_8419

“Go Karting Fun” IMG_8420IMG_8421IMG_8422

“Boys will be Boys”IMG_8423IMG_8424IMG_8425

Loving these layouts…they turned out really well with this bright fun paper range! ECHO PARK “That’s My boy”

cheers Wendy x x x

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