Thursday, November 21, 2013

October Afternoon ‘Witch Hazel’

It may be last year's Halloween range, but October Afternoon ‘Witch Hazel’ is on Clearance at Anna’s Craft Cupboard and it is one of the nicest Halloween ranges I have ever used. The colours in the range and the backs of the papers are just magnificent, and you don’t have to do themed layouts with them. I have 2 non-Halloween layout amongst these 5.

‘She’s a Witch’ IMG_7594IMG_7592IMG_7593

‘Max’ IMG_7596IMG_7595

‘Happiness is afloat’ IMG_7590IMG_7591

‘Dress Up’ IMG_7599IMG_7597IMG_7598

‘Tell Me A Story Witch’ IMG_7602IMG_7600IMG_7601

So sometimes, even if you think the theme of the paper range isn’t relevant it is still worth looking at the papers, because the neutral patterns and colours on the reverse side can be just superb!


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Anne P said...

Wow, you are awesome!!! I can't believe how much you can create.