Friday, September 28, 2012

Time… Blog Hop

Welcome to the “TIME” blog hop. Having such a broad topic for this hop means you could discuss anything…so here are just a few of my thought on time….

Time is something that we never really have enough of.

Time is something that we all want just a little bit more of.

Time is something that we can never get back once it has past.

But there is also other meanings for time.. and here is a layout with yet another meaning…


So I am the last in the list of hoppers…but if you started here then head over to these girls and give some love too!








and then me


Happy hopping x x x


Chloe :-) said...

Beautiful page, Wendy ... who doesn't like snuggle time :-) :-)

Sonia said...

Love the layout - time is previous and snuggle time even more!!

WendyMac said...

A beautiful interpretation of 'time' Wendy. Gorgeous layout as ever. x

Marcia said...

Snuggle time - perfect!!!! A great way to look at this theme. Gorgeous layout too!

xx M

Ali said...

Love your take on the theme Wendy, gorgeous LO, I really enjoyed admiring all you little details.

Kerri said...

Snuggling... What a great way to spend some of our precious time. Thank you so much for sharing. Your layout is just stunning!

Loren said...

Love your LO, we all love to snuggle :)

Linda Eggleton said...

Love your layout Wendy...great take on the time theme :)

Karen said...

Your right we can never get time back, and seem to not have enough to go around. Love snuggle time, My little fella is nearly 8 and still loves snuggle time with me. Love it xx