Sunday, January 1, 2012


..and I am pleased to show you my final layouts for my 52 WEEK album of 2011

So stoked to have this finished and cannot wait to get into my 2012 one. Thinking about dong doing a different size format…I did 8.5x11 for 2011..thinking 8x8…what size do you do?? the layouts!

Week 47---Scrapbooking Delights with San

week 47IMG_1534

Week 51---Christmas Eve


Week 52---ice-creams for the family


SO …who will join me in 2012 for the 52 WEEK ALBUM project???

What size will you be scrapping in??


Francine said...

gorgeous gorgeous inspiring Wendy..might actually try one myself this year..cheers

KerrynF said...

Awesome work Wends!!
I'm gonna finish mine today

Lizzyc said...

oh good on you for getting your 52 projects done!! they are all so lovely!!

Sara said...

Woohoo!! Go you for completing your album. Your final pages look fantastic.

I am going to give it another go in 2012, already set up my tracker today.