Thursday, October 27, 2011

Blinded at Savvy

..LMAO…I am talking about the Savvy Blind so funny!

Sar always hosts a blind scrap on the CC weekends, and I have to admit it always scares me… I am terrible at them. It must have something to do with my unwillingness to take orders..LOL..I don’t know actually what it is, but usually I SUCK!

This month for the first time ever..I managed to complete the page without EXTRA help from Sar…I was feeling so proud of myself until I loaded it up in the gallery and realised that I missed an entire step….ROFL!

Oh well here it is anyways!


here is a close-up of some WOW chipboard that I used in my clustering



So there you have it.. another layout done, that I am happy with thanks to the girls at Savvy!

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