Monday, March 7, 2011

Catching up…

…on my 52 week album.

Who would have thought that keeping a weekly album would be so hard. I for one thought that I took HEAPS of photos, and often, but apparently not as often as I thought..ROFL

Anyways, here are weeks 7 & 8


and a little close-up for you


And here is Angus’ first day of school in week 8


and another close-up



Evgenia said...

Lovely layouts!

Leanne said...

wow! I love these school themed LOs! awesome job...x

Melinda said...

These are AWESOME inspirational!! You are doing well to keep up..I for one would never attempt it, I would fall off the band wagon within the first month!! lol!! xx

Kirsty said...

Just gorgeous!
I am bad with *regular* photo taking. I take 100s one week, then might not take any for another 2

Anthea said...

nice work Wendy, I need to make more time to pop in here, missing it a bit.

Anonymous said...

WOW WOW these are all fantastic .... love the colour schemes, handcutting and embellishments