Friday, October 15, 2010

…and even more!

Yep…I can’t help myself…I cant stop.. I am totally obsessed…I am an addict!

I have my SETP BY STEP over at Anna’s Craft Cupboard using the great earthy tones that are in Basic Grey Pyrusfrolic.jpg


And the new one up at Inspired Blueprints …very cute!


Gee I love scrapping…

Tell me the reason why you love scrapbooking, whether it is the memories, the products, the creating, the friends you make… GO ON…LEAVE ME A COMMENT AND TELL ME YOUR REASON!


Peg said...

love it or hate it, it's just something I'm compelled to do. the pay-off is sharing the albums and memories with family and friends, oh, and of course finding fab scrappers like you Wendy!!

Moonie said...

your work is stunning Wendy.. love the different variety of layouts you do... I have just become your 106th follower x

Monique said...

I adored this step by stem - the papers you've used are beautiful.
I love scrapping for so many reasons - the time out to get lost in my own little world of creativity, the friendships, preserving memories, collecting all the pretty things... I can't think of any negatives, really lol!!!

Anne P said...

I love scrapbooking because it is just the right thing to be give me 'me' time. Gets me away from the kids and gives me my creative outlet.

LOVE all these pages Wendy.

Amanda B said...

Hi Wendy,

Always love your stuff in Anna's gallery. I love scrapping because if I died tomorrow (touch wood I dont!)my memories and thoughts won't be lost or misguided. I know that my daughter will have albums full of my true feelings and whatsmore, every little thing on each page has been carefully considered and placed by me. I just think it is something so special to leave her.

I had to have chemo a few years back and was told that I wouldn't be able to have kids. I immediately stopped scrapping because I couldn't see the point if there is no one to leave it to.

Thank god times have changed. I just love it!

Bel said...

Hey wendy, yes love the memories and the story telling soooo much
and an added bonus I get to meet people like you xxxxx